Kirsty Taylor BSc (hons)


Kirsty has always loved dogs and from the age of 11 began training her family dog in competitive obedience. From the age of 16 Kirsty attended Agricultural college to study animal management where she progressed through the levels leaving with a Bachelor of Science in Applied animal behaviour from the University of Portsmouth in 2016.

Whilst completing her studies Kirsty initially started volunteering for a training and behaviour company and progressed to teaching a multitude of dog training classes from puppies to adult dogs suffering more complex training and behaviour issues. Kirsty has been teaching for the past 10 years. As well as pet dog training Kirsty has been working with rescue dogs during their behavioural rehabilitation prior to rehoming.

Outside of work Kirsty enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs and training her Border Collie x Aussie in agility. Her passion for reward base training and helping her clients achieve specific training goals shines through.