About Amy

Amy has had a keen interest in dogs from a very early age. From the age of 8 Amy has competed in Dog Agility, at aged 14 she became an Agility instructor and at 21 set up her own business dog training full time. 

After competing in Agility at the highest level, Nationally and Internationally for a number of years, the interest started to grow into the welfare and the specific demands we ask of our sports dogs.

Fast forward to today, nearly 30 years since the obsession with dogs started, Amy Qualified as a Canine Massage Practitioner in 2015 and is member of the highly regarded Canine Massage Guild. In 2019 Amy also Qualified as a licenced Canine Conditioning Coach at Canine Conditioning Academy. Conditioning is a fantastic additional Qualification to have and compliments both the Training and Massage perfectly. 

Find out how Massage and Conditioning can improve your dogs quality of life