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Amy Lawson
Owner and Founder of The EDGE Canine Hub

Clinical Canine Massage Therapist - Canine Conditioning Coach - Agility Instructor - Trainer


Amy has had a keen interest in dogs from a very early age. From the age of 8 Amy has competed in Dog Agility, at aged 14 she became an Agility instructor and at 21 set up her own business dog training full time. 

After competing in Agility at the highest level, Nationally and Internationally for a number of years, the interest started to grow into the welfare and the specific demands we ask of our sports dogs.


Fast forward to today, nearly 30 years since the obsession with dogs started, Amy Qualified as a Canine Massage Practitioner in 2015 and is member of the highly regarded Canine Massage Guild. In 2019 Amy also Qualified as a licenced Canine Conditioning Coach at Canine Conditioning Academy. Conditioning is a fantastic additional Qualification to have and compliments both the Training and Massage perfectly. 


Find out how Massage and Conditioning can improve your dogs quality of life 

Kirsty Taylor BSc (hons)
Behaviourist - Dog Trainer - UK Sniffer Dog instructor

Kirsty has always loved dogs and from the age of 11 began training her family dog in competitive obedience. From the age of 16 Kirsty attended Agricultural college to study animal management where she progressed through the levels leaving with a Bachelor of Science in Applied animal behaviour from the University of Portsmouth in 2016.


Whilst completing her studies Kirsty initially started volunteering for a training and behaviour company and progressed to teaching a multitude of dog training classes from puppies to adult dogs suffering more complex training and behaviour issues. Kirsty has been teaching for the past 10 years. As well as pet dog training Kirsty has been working with rescue dogs during their behavioural rehabilitation prior to rehoming.


Outside of work Kirsty enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs and training her Border Collie x Aussie in agility and competitive obedience. Her passion for reward base training and helping her clients achieve specific training goals shines through.

Kay Lowry
Agility Instructor

 Kay started agility in 2011 when her young Beauceron made it quite clear that he required a challenge and a 'job' to do.


A couple of years later Kay took on the role of assisting her agility instructor, after a short time Kays love for teaching along with her passion for good dog training and her fabulous people skills were obvious by all. She completed an agility instructor course and gained the knowledge and confidence to instruct her own groups.


In 2017 Kay was chosen by her present dog 'Sasha', who she competes with. Kay and Sasha are progressing well in their agility and they compete at Championship level in Steeplechase.


"I love seeing dogs and their handlers learn together and work as a team"

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