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A brilliant, fun, informative course which is scientific based and measurable. S.M.A.R.T principle for goal analysis is used for every individual dog. The success and changes in the dogs who have completed this course are truly amazing, physically and mentally.

Vet approval will be sought before starting the course and assessments will be carried out, before, during and after.

Course participants will be taught what certain muscles groups do such as stabilising or locomotion. You will be informed how this course reduces injury risks, improves flexibility, balance, mental, core, cardio, strength. We condition the dog to the specific demands that individual dog faces. Canine Conditioning Academy  conditioning exercises will also enhance performance in sporting and show dogs.

All dogs, whatever breed, age and fitness level, start with our Foundation Conditioning Programme. The programme uses tried and tested, specific and targeted core strengthening exercises and stretches that will transform any dog’s core stability, balance and flexibility.

The Foundation Conditioning Programme is straight forward and the 14 exercises are easily performed. Course participants will know how and why the unique programme works and why its so important not to deviate from the specially designed plan the Canine Conditioning Academy have designed. The programme is designed to be done at home or when out walking your dog. The exercises are easy to set up and equipment easy and inexpensive to source. The programme does not require 'wobble cushions', 'peanuts' or any other instability equipment.

There is an opportunity to progress onto intermediate and advanced if the dog is physically and mentally capable. There are over 100 purposeful and safe exercises in the entire programme and counting!

In person 8 week Foundation

Groups £100  

1-2-1 From £210


Online 8 week Foundation 

Online on demand - Groups £89  BOOK HERE 

1-2-1 From £210


In person and online initial 7 week Tailored Fitness Plans.

​1-2-1 From £140

As well as groups and 1-2-1s In Gloucestershire  The EDGE is also available to hold external 8 week courses around the Country that either we organise or a host organises. To see dates on courses that The EDGE will host go to our Events page.

Want to host an 8 week course for your club members or with friends? Contact us for more information.

Conditioning Bio

Amy qualified as a licenced coach with Canine Conditioning Academy in 2019 over 120 dogs have completed the foundation course with Amy either in person or online, many of which have continued building their strength on intermediate.

Conditioning at The EDGE has so far benefited pet dogs, working dogs, agility dogs and show dogs.

Working closely alongside vets and specialists, with full assessments, dogs who have sustained an injury (diagnosed by vet) may benefit from our tailored programmes or those that have had operations, routine or emergency can also benefit from The EDGE tailored plans. These appointments are to be held at The EDGE clinic only, with Veterinary Consent and detailed reports between Veterinary Surgeon and The EDGE Clinic.


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